our work

Threls is a growing software development company in Gozo. It is made up of brilliant young adults working together to create new concepts and innovative solutions.

Threls needed cushion seating for their employees to be able to relax while having lunch. Therefore, benches were designed and we did the upholstery in a bright yellow colour, chosen by Threls themselves. Back cushions gave the benches a more laid back effect. The office of Threls has an open plan layout so they needed space for privacy with their clients. Their carpenter constructed two booths, fitted with a desk and a bench on each side. At Carefree Sofas, we fitted cushions to the benches and hung foam padded panels covered in a soft grey colour to the walls and ceiling of these booths. These panels give a cosy atmosphere to the booths and also the privacy needed for one on one meetings with their customers.

The end result was extremely comfortable, a good space for them to relax and work, all proven by the many positive comments received.