Beds and Headboards

At Carefree Sofas and Mattresses, we can help to make dream bedroom with our tailor made beds and headboards.

With space sometimes being an issue, upholstered slatted bed bases with storage are very popular, and that is why we have them available, in various sizes. The bed bases can also be covered in different types of materials and colours, according to your liking.

Apart from having a beautifully handmade bed base, one can also get a matching headboard, also made to measure with various types of colours, shapes and patterns.

One may also opt to add some additional features to their bed and headboard. Motion activated lights at the base of the bed are an added comfort for when one gets up during the night. If you like to enjoy a good book before bed, reading lights can be added to your headboard, together with USB ports to charge your devices.