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Ross' Barber Shop

Ross Barber Shop, or as he is known: “Ross & Co Gentlemen’s Quarters” is a uniquely beautifully decorated barber shop in the heart of Xewkija. The space is very limited, but the owner still wanted to add a Chesterfield style sofa for seating, for his waiting clients.

Since the space was limited, we had to make sure that the depth of the sofa was big enough for his clientele to be seated comfortably but at the same time, we had to make sure that it was not going to take up too much of space, so anyone can roam around the shop freely.

The finished product is a customised tufted sofa in a Bordeaux real leather fabric to match the theme of his newly reconstructed shop. It is also the perfect size for the spot it is in bringing with it an antique yet elegant touch, that is also extremely comfortable.