our work

Intercontinental Hotel de Bourdeaux France

In 2008, we had the opportunity to upholster and create from scratch several pieces of furniture at the Intercontinental Hotel de Bourdeaux in France.

We upholstered several classic chairs for the bedrooms. The chairs were made of an antique looking wooden frame and upholstered with modern fabrics in many colours; patterned and plain.

Apart from the upholstery, we also made sofas and corner armchairs, in plain colours with a fringe at the bottom, for the hotel bedrooms. The fabric for all of the work was provided by the hotel designer and was shipped to Gozo. All the upholstery work and sewing was done at our factory in Xewkija. All employees were hands on and all pieces were finishes in a limited period of time.

Once the finished chairs, armchairs and sofas were exported to France, two of our employees spent two days at the hotel in France to complete the finishing touches on our work.

This experience was quite an extraordinary one, and all of us at Carefree Sofas were extremely lucky to be part of this amazing project.